Tie Downs & Straps

Quick Release Strap   $4.93

Heavy Duty 5’x2’ polypropylene weatherproof strap. PVC covering on handle and hook. Quick release handle.

Ratchet & Tie Down   $4.72

Two vinyl covered steel hooks, 5’ and 10’ x 1’ straps and ratchet. Quick and easy adjustment.

65-1050 Deluxe
Cam-Lock Straps      $2.91
Convenient, easy to use, 1" x 8’ strap. Weather proof non-rust buckles and serrated locking lever. Easy push to release feature. Great for boating, camping, and holding hard to transport items in place.

Tie Downs & Straps

65-1000 Utility Strap     $1.46
All weather fabric strap 3/4" x 9’ with plated buckle.

65-1010 Make-A-Strap Kit…..$2.18
Create your own custom tie-down. All weather components, no metal parts. 3/4" x 15’

65-1005 Lashing Straps…….$2.20
Two all weather fabric straps, plated buckles spring loaded for fast easy adjustment. 3/4" x 9’

65-1060 Trunk Tie Down……$2.24
Secures Trunk lid firmly. All weather straps and hooks. Adjustable up to 5’, 3/4" wide

Tiedowns & Straps
Deluxe Tie Downs
Easily adjusted with nylon hooks that won’t scratch paint or metal. Exclusive snap lock feature.

65-1030 3/8" x72"
Cord w/4 hooks

65-1025  3/8" x48"
Cord w/4hooks $2.80

65-1020 3/8" x24"
Cord w/2 hooks $1.76

Suction Cups  Stake Pocket Anchor

Suction Cups               $1.44

Quick release feature, make your own rack. Includes 2 3" cups with all the hardware.

Stake Pocket Anchor   $2.29

Easily installs in pick-up stake pocket. Provides tie-down point for light weight cargo. Fits all pickups.

Tie Downs & Straps

21-9470  24"
Dual Luggage Strap $1.36

Multi-purpose 24" long luggage strap with 4 vinyl coated steel hooks. Great for holding items on a luggage rack.

Tie Downs    $13.86

Two 5’ x 2’ nylon straps with heat treated hooks for transporting motorcycles, 1,000lb test strap with quick release binders.

Cargo Net    $4.30

Hold small packages and helmets securely. Latest style six hook cargo net, made of 5mm elastic cord. Overall size 15" x 15".

18" Luggage Strap            $0.62

One piece 18" long luggage strap with vinyl coated steel hooks. Multi-purpose.

Rubber Tie Downs
Made of weather and gasoline-resistant EPDM material with steel hooks.

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Cable Ties                          

Reusable 7" cable ties, 10pcs. per bag.  Can be used for other applications as well.