The RF-700 Series
The Shoei Elite Series

The RF700 features a lightweight, Fiberglass, aerodynamic shell equipped with the revolutionary Q.R.B.P. (Quick Release Base Plate) System, allowing for easy and quick removal and replacement of the helmet's face shield.  The one piece design of the CX-1 shield minimizes the wind resistance and noise when locked in a closed position. A highly efficient ventilation system keeps your head cool and comfortable.  The RF700 is a hallmark of Shoei innovation.
Snell M-90, DOT 218

Wave/Spark/Quake Only : $149.95

Wave TC-7

Wave TC-5

Wave TC-8

Wave TC-6

RF700 Wave $149.95 

Spark TC-5

Spark TC-3

Spark TC-6

Spark TC-4

RF700 Spark $149.95 

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