Superior Motorcycle Products is based in Columbus, Ohio U.S.A.  Continental United States orders are shipped via UPS ground.  Above is a chart of transit times to give you a better.  Although we feel UPS is fairly reliable, we would like to stress that neither UPS nor Superior Motorcycle attaches any guarantees to these times, these are estimates only.


Battery Acid
Due to hazardous materials charges by UPS we are forced to place an additional materials charge of $6.00 on shipments including battery acid.  This charge has been included in the price of the battery acid.  We feel this charge makes it highly more economical to purchase acid for your battery locally, it is available at most auto parts stores, we will continue to offer battery acid on our site despite the charge as a convenience to our customers.

Maintenance Free Batteries
Maintenance Free Batteries contain battery acid.  They are considered Hazardous by UPS and can only be shipped by standard ground service.  We cannot and will not ship these batteries or our battery acid by any of AIR services provided by UPS.

For more on our shipping policies click here or call 1 800 848 6476 ext. 32 and speak to ELLIOT SMITH.