Superior Spark Plugs From NGK

For maximum engine performance, it is essential to use the correct plug. From the start, NGK has built to a position of world leadership in spark plugs for virtually every motorcycle, marine, and small engine application.

For quicker starts, less fouling, more reliability under averse conditions, we carry only NGK plugs. Packaged two per pack.

Part #



21-2225 DPR8EA-9, Resistor Plug $5.94

21-2228 DR8ES-L, Resistor Plug $5.94

21-2230 B8ES $5.29

21-2235 D8EA $5.29

21-2240 B7ES $5.29

21-2245 BP-7ES $5.29

21-2248 B-9ES $5.29