D.O.T., SNELL M95 Approved Helmets

SHELL: FRP + Fiberglass; EPS For Greater Protection
LINING: Brushed Nylon, Polyester Spun & Peach Skin ror comfortable wear.
SHIELD: Polycarbonate-Clear, Smoked, Colored Mirror for cool under helmet feel.
AERO SYSTEM: Rubber sealant strip filters noise and protects from weather.

FULL FACE SOLIDS Only : $109.95!
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Black White Red Met. Gray Pearl White


Star Series   Only: $109.95 Cloud Series     Only: $109.95
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Star BK/RD Star WH/Pur Cloud BK/RD Cloud WH/RD


Flame Series   Only: $109.95 Thunder Series   Only: $109.95
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Flame BK/RD Flame WH/RD Thunder BK/Yel Thunder WH/Yel


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