Superior Accu-Charger 1998 Motorcycle Consumer News
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Superior Accu-Charger

Fully automatic 2 Amp charger. It protects batteries by using an "intelligent power chip", maintaining a safe charge. Polarity protected and equipped with thermo-resistor (to protect charger from overheating) and replaceable external fuse. Supplied with quick disconnect "Y" connector that permanently attaches to battery.
Only: $22.59

Superior Accu-Charger

Superior Accu-Charger
Fully automatic .5amp battery charger. The perfect charger for maintence free and smaller batteries (under 12amp hour). This charger has polarity protection and is equipped with thermo-resistor. And replaceable external fuse.
21-1440                                         $20.97   

Superior Battery Charger

6 1/2 volt
Unregulated Charger.

This 6 1/2 volt, 1/2 amp battery charger with power indicator light, helps prevent overcharging by supplying the recommended amps to safely charge smaller batteries. Polarity protected and equipped with replaceable external fuse. Convenient permanent connector.
21-1460                                     $10.98

Superior Fuses $1.25 per pack of 5
Fuses for Superior Battery Chargers, sold by the pack of five.

1amp fuses : 

For use with the .5amp Chargers (21-1440 and 21-1460).

3amp fuses : 
For use with the (21-1450) 2 amp Accu Charger
Y Connector


"Y" connector For superior Accu-Chargers and Regular Chargers.